28 April, 2012

San Francisco Southern

Ok, I admit, I have been backed up, on blogging that is. I have read two books and failed to blog with them but as a very busy college girl approaching finals week, I am stressing out over my Sign Language final. That being said, I apologize for taking so long. OK, so I read two books in the last week both are really good and really different. The only two things these books can claim as similar are that they are both in the Christan Romantic Fiction category. Ok, the first book that I read is called Perfecting Kate. This is the first christian fiction book I ever picked up and read as a Sophomore in High School. This book is really good and has a lot of good messages in it about faith and truly embracing who you are as a daughter of a king, (not to mention all the juicy romance scenes! Moonlit picnic on the rooftop overlooking San Francisco with an incredibly hot doctor? Yes please!) Anyways, I am sidetracking. This book follows the life of Kathrine May Meadows a budding San Fransisco artist. All she is looking for is a nice, solid Christian man. She is surprised when all of the sudden not one but two incredibly gorgeous men enter her world. The first is Michael Palmier a very famous make up artist who swears he loves Kate but the bounty of business cards he offers to her ranging from a dentist who promises to fix the little gap in her teeth to the plastic surgeon who specializes in liposuction. The second bachelor is Dr. Clive Alexander who is the lead plastic surgeon at the children's hospital where he gives burn victims back their lives and their hope, oh did I mention he is supposed to look like Brad Pitt, in a more attractive kind of way? Dr. Alexander sends Kate's pulse skittering at every turn too bad he is only interested in her work, will there ever be a man who just loves Kate for who she is or will she rely on fixing herself to meet others standards of her. Join Kate as she discovers the plan God has for her and I can guarantee that you will not look back! The second book I finished this week was Courting Trouble by Deeanne Gist, I know I blog about her a lot but there are only so many books that a girl can take WITH her to college! *sigh* I highly recommend this book if you love westerns. This book takes place in the late 1800's in Corsicana, Texas. This book follows the life of Essie Spreckelmeyer. Essie is thirty years old and is known as the spinster of the town. Ti. red of waiting for a match made in heaven she decides she will settle for a match made Texas. Join Essie for an exciting journey of a lifetime that will have you laughing and crying for Essie! Both of these books are a truly delightful read! Now I wanted to give you guys a heads up on the books that I am going to blog about in the near future so you can read them too! My next books that I will blog about are The Measure of a Lady by Deeanne Gist, and I am going to finish reading the Daughters of Boston series and the Winds of Change series so I can get those blogs up soon too. In the meantime the only thing I will be doing this week is working on my Sign Language final and working on finishing up this school year!

Love and Romance, Kayla

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  1. Kayla you are a writer calling yourself a blogger! I can not wait to "blog" about the extremely talented Ms. Kayla Houston some day!