21 April, 2012

The Lucky One Movie Review

Ok, let me just get this out there first, I am the LAST person on earth who should be doing a Nicholas Sparks movie review. If you don't know this die hard romance lover (me) cannot stand any of Nicholas Sparks books or movies (besides the Notebook) For some reason I can never trudge my way through any of his books and I really am not that big a fan of the movies; but anyways,I will do my best to enlighten you on all that is The Lucky One. For starters, I need to read the book just so I have a clearer understanding, just because I am not a fan of Nicholas Sparks doesn't mean I won't read his books, come on, romance is romance! So the movie, overall it had the potential to be a very good movie, U.S. marine Logan Thibault finds a picture of a beautiful woman in the desert one day and carries it with him believing that it brings him good luck, when he returns from his third tour of duty in Iraq he sets out on a quest to find this woman. Little does he know that the woman he sets out to find will help him find himself in the process. Elizabeth is a single mother who is still grieving the loss of her brother and in the midst of a custody battle with her son's father, when Logan enters her life the romance begins and this is where all the romance lovers swoon, the passionate kissing the sweet nothings whispered to each other, all of this makes a romance lover (or any woman of sound mind) swoon at the love affair that is taking place. As much as this movie is romantic there are some things that I didn't like about it, first off being, I felt that was all there was, romance. To me,although I love and live for romance I need to have something to keep my attention people! Second off, I know that they were supposed to fit a whole story into a 2 hour movie but honestly, making out by the thirty minute mark, I don't think that is quite realistic. One of the biggest things I didn't like about the movie was that I thought the acting wasn't that great. Did I sigh and swoon when Zac Efron took his shirt off? You bet I did, but that was the only time! He didn't even woo her it all just sort of happened. Elizabeth look like she was at least 10 to 15 years older than Logan and I was a little turned off on that, if the ages of the characters had been slightly adjusted that would have been better. I feel like I am complaining a lot about this movie but honestly, overall was it a good movie? Yes I believe it was. Would I watch it again? Of course I would watch it again! When I am pining away at the prospect of the fact that I am still single and wanting nothing to do than to watch a romance novel and wish my heart were being swept away by a handsome soldier, yes I would watch it again in a heartbeat, would I recommend you to go see it? Well, I say that you should save your $10 and wait until it comes out on red box, was it a good movie, I believe it was but not something I would pay beacoup bucks to see again. There are much better romance movies out there.

Love and Romance, Kayla

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  1. My movie reviews used to be based on "Would I pay to see it?"[my husband reviewed movies and didn't pay to see them]; now my reviews are based on, "Is it matinee worthy [price] or evening worthy? This sounds like maybe a matinee. Thank you Kayla. From one romance lover to another! Blessings to you! Patti Stanley